Dirty demolitions – 2012 in pictures: March

March was a month of demolitions, some more personal than others.

It was also the first time I saw Mike Hewson’s amazing photomurals on Cranmer Court. I enjoyed looking at these in the months before it was demolished.

A quilting exhibition at South Library.

The last moments of 76 Colombo Street.

Like lots of other Christchurch people, we got our chance to go into our place of work in the Red Zone and retrieve stuff.

The infamous Sydenham warehouse and dumping area. I saw it one night before it made the news, and was amazed at the spectacle of floor to ceiling detritus.
And on the same night, we tripped the light fantastic on the Dance-o-Mat.

Walking to work has meant I sometimes caught the sunrise.

Stan and Sheila’s 60th wedding anniversary. Cards from the Queen and John Key.

Lumley House demolition on Victoria Street. Papers flew, things fell. It was rather dramatic and the enterprising Vic’s Cafe had a couch outside where you could sit and watch.

It coincided with the demolition of our place. A rental, but it was home and having friends in all the neighbouring flats made it a very lovely place to live. We didn’t realise that demolition meant your garage gets demolished too. We had stored lots of damaged stuff there. Thanks to my Mum and a nice demo crew we managed to rescue some of the gear. I spotted this Belle and Sebastian cd cover on the floor.

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