Night night: 100 Days Project: Day 100

And the sky was beautiful and painterly on the evening of Day 99, so I think I’ll sign off with that. Haere rā.


Saga: 100 Days Project: Day 99

I spotted this Saga street art on Fitzgerald Avenue a week or so ago and couldn’t wait to get up close and take some photos. You can see The Will well, and Ghüs – but there’s obviously a lot more in behind the prefab building. Hopefully when construction is all done, that will move and we can see the Saga street art in all its glory.

PS Saga is one of the coolest comics ever.

 Photos taken 27 August.

FreshChoice City Market: 100 Days Project: Day 93

Opened today in Lichfield Street – across the road from the Bus Interchange – Fresh Choice City Market. I’ve been watching this progress, so it’s very cool to see it opened.

Points of note from a quick pre-work visit:

  • It looks fantastic – shows off the stock beautifully
  • Yummy stands of Breads of Europe breads and danishes
  • Stocks my favourite wine Terrace Edge Liquid Geography
  • Has food from great suppliers like Simo, Theos, Jaime Les Marcarons. and Peter Timbs
  • Lovely salads in the deli
  • Nice big tables about the place
  • Looks like there will be foody events
  • Heritage photos showing Market Place and old supermarkets
  • Staff very friendly and excited