Michael Jackson, cheezels & the Crowne Plaza – 2012 in pictures: January

It has been a year of photos. I’ve uploaded 9700 to my Flickr this year.

So I am going to share some from each month – here is January 2012 in pictures – the family stuff and the everyday destruction and demolition I’ve seen in town and around. An odd mix you might think, but that is Christchurch – home of the odd bedfellows.

Spitting image at English Park market. We loved going to English Park on a Saturday. It was a little market, with some great oddities to be had, as well as things like lovely fresh veges. Alas it is no longer, but I am hoping the market as mentioned in the St Albans masterplan might see it resurrected in some form. I got these odd things and gifted Michael Jackson. Spookily, my gal tore MJ’s nose off. Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles are on my wall at work.


Caroline Bay Carnival. We made a wee trip down to Timaru and enjoyed the classic carnival.

Cheezel fingers and the Force is with you.

Buddies squish into a car at Zak’s birthday party.


And meanwhile in town – the demolition of the Crowne Plaza proceeds. Some people acted as if they were glad this building was being demolished, but I wasn’t. To me it represented glamour and connection – dinners at Yamagen, listening to the tinkling piano,  a rather beautiful Byzantine place. In this photo, I am intrigued by the room full of boxes. And as ever – in an abandoned building, curtains flap in the wind with abandon.


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