Jacob Yikes on Welles Street: 100 Days Project: Day 50

Photo taken 10 July 2017.

On the way to work, I checked out new street art by Jacob Yikes going up on Welles Street. It’s going to be a beauty.


New town: 100 Days Project: Day 18

Photo taken 7 June 2017.

I walked down the new Manchester Street in all its big new boulevard-ness, and could walk all the way to Worcester Boulevard. Then I hung a left to go to the OGB to meet fellow “100 day projectors”. I hadn’t been there before, it was lovely and snug with books on shelves and wait staff smartly dressed in braces and bowler hats.

I tried a whisky smash  bedecked with rhubarb and boy was that a mouthpleaser. We chatted about the project, about travel plans, and new things coming to Christchurch. Exciting new things, fresh. The days when you can feel that little buzz of hope are good days.

I raise my glass to all of you Projectors, and to my Ōtautahi peeps – may your days be good.  Sláinte. Kia ora.

Inside/Outside flow: 100 Days Project: Day 12

Photo taken 31 May 2017

I work in a warehouse, or to be more exact, in an anteroom of an office inside a warehouse. You don’t know what the weather is like outside unless it is massively heavy rain.

So I quite like the new Christchurch style of glass offices where everything is open – you are right there in the street, and in the sky.

It makes for some neat views, and a connected feeling. Yup, that’s not just a faceless monolith corporation building, it is people – and there they are.

Autumn: 100 Days Project: Day 10

Photo taken 30 May 2017

There are beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the season of mists. And plenty of the mellow fruitfulness.

Bold gold and yellows and oranges are not just in the leaves, they are in the autumn sunlight.

And at night, when the sky gets all inky, the streetlights play with the dusk and the imminent night and the colour of the trees.

Lemon Tree Cafe: 100 Days Project: Day 6

Photos taken 16 May 2017

Photos taken 16 May 2017

On a Friday I work in the CBD, and often pop into the Lemon Tree Cafe first thing to get a green tea latte. It is yummy, but looks like pond sludge. The staff are lovely and friendly, and the place has a kind of country provincial style that’s the opposite of Christchurch’s prevailing industrial look cafes.  A pretty oasis.

Yesterday I got my green tea latte in the afternoon,  and when I popped in there was a notice on the door:

It is so sad that we are closing from 5th of June …The building will go under construction to repair earthquake damages and also strengthen the building …we are not sure how long it will take but we are hoping to open again on the 26th June … We will miss you a lot and we hope to see you again soon. Stay warm everyone! Winter has come.

I hope it all goes well for them. It is a special spot.

Ghost sign on High Street – 24 May 2017: 100 Days Project: Day 3

High Street is being repaired, deconstructed, etcetera. At the far end, there’s a new restaurant going in (called TMR I think). Closer to St Asaph Street, it is more fenced off and in progress. I walk past reasonably often, it’s one of the ways I can get to work.

One of the interesting things exposed and unmasked by this kind of work are ghost signs. They are a little look into the past, history pressing into the now. Today’s the first time I’ve seen that “fruiterer” sign. I’m glad to have spotted it, and it probably won’t be here for long as all those little street overhangs have gone from the other buildings.