2017 in pictures: December

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Holly Goheavily  and the Ghillie Man and Miraculous Ladybug zombie and friends. (First, I wanted to be Frank from Donnie Darko but … and the fur in my eyes was yucky).

Demolition art exhibition

44 Bealey Avenue – a Presbyterian Support Services building – is being demolished. But before it goes, it has hosted an exhibition. The walls were painted, windows were drawn in, and the empty offices played host to installations. We went and took a look on Saturday 18 November. Read Christchurch condemned social services building becomes living art exhibition.

Here are some pics:

The only other pre-demo exhibition I’ve seen happened on Cranford Street in 2014 and it was astonishing.

Fly wifis

Christchurch wifi networks spotted out and about.

  • Idiot Engineering
  • Pretty fly for a wifi
  • Dad use this one
  • Batcave
  • Superman
  • Touchmywifitastemy… (ellipsis wifis own)
  • Lords of Lothlorien
  • Roger

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