Inland Route – Christchurch to Picton

This school holidays we went from Christchurch to Picton, for a birthday party, and to throw someone’s ashes into the sea.

Normally we’d go via Kaikoura, but that route has been closed since a major earthquake last year. So we took the inland route – Culverden, Lewis Pass, Murchison, St Arnaud, Maruia, Wairau Valley. 478km – 7 hours 30 minutes.



Armageddon it: 100 Days Project: Day 5

Photo taken 11 March 2017.

We got to Armageddon Pop Culture Expo most years. Never mind the stalls and the stuff for sale, mostly we can hardly move for the crowds – the best thing is the utterly fab cosplay.

We are always unorganised costume-wise, but somehow my bloke and kid manage to whip something together. This year he was Negan from The Walking Dead (there were 5 other Negans that we saw), Kiddo was a Soda Warrior, and I wore my Sapphire and Steel t-shirt.

We loved meeting Judy from Zootopia, Steven Universe Crystal Gems, Coraline’s Mum, Wolverine, Raven, and a big Chewbacca.