Ashleigh Young and Hera Lindsay Bird: 100 Days Project: Day 71

A Phantom Poetry poster of Hera’s poem was on Madras Street last week. It’s now covered by a terrifying poster for a horror movie about a doll.

I first heard about Hera Lindsay Bird from Courtney aka @auchmill on Twitter. I fell hard for The most beautiful love poem of all time, so much so I read it aloud in 2014 for Twitter Poetry Night.

Ashleigh’s book of essays Can you tolerate this? is something for the ages. It still moves me, just mentioning it.

I loved hearing Hera and Ashleigh Young at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

Both are utter stars.



Port Hills Fires, day one: 100 Days Project: Day 70

View of Port Hills fire from Edgeware, 13 February 2017.

On my way home from work on Monday 13 February, I spotted some smoke on the hills. There was nothing on the news, I trawled Twitter but no information here either so I asked The Press “any info about palls of smoke in south of Christchurch? Viewed from Edgeware”.  No reply. But it turns out that first smoke spotting that afternoon was the start of the Port Hills Fires.

Red balloon: 100 Days Project: Day 64 (photos taken 23 July)

We went down to South Brighton.  It was dusk, and the light was dimming. It was high tide, and bitterly cold.

Man and dog went to the park to throw the ball and play chase.  Woman and child went to walk on the beach to test out their gumboots.

It was empty, just the sea. Then we spotted something coming in on the crest of one of the wintry waves. It was a red balloon.

Where did it come from?