Christchurch Brick Show – Sunday 15 July

I love the Brick Show. It rules – like a big art feast, all done with LEGO bricks.


2018 in pictures: July

Bowker Fountain.

Wellington Paranormal.

Queen Victoria.

ChristChurch Cathedral.

Chocolate Day.

Inception in the BNZ Centre.

Citizen’s Memorial.

Fiona Farrell in Victoria Square.

Armagh Street.

Crowne Plaza.

Work at the Christchurch Convention Centre.

Working at Tūranga.

Working at The Press.

The Crossing, reopened.

Hints of Spring.

Arts Centre.

Christchurch Art Gallery.



COCA  makings.

Cashel La

Cookai Sushi on the train.

C1 Espresso.



Primo et secundo.

Methven views. 

Terry Denton and Andy Griffiths, WORD Christchurch.

High Street.


Bird on a wire.

High Street.

Tuam Street.

Night blue.

2018 in pictures: May

Place of Hope.

Jeff Kinney.

Art at Linwood Library.

Rollickin’ Gelato.

Booty from the Great Op Shop in Buchan Street.

BB8 in Cashel Mall.

Christchurch Art Gallery.

Tony Delautour.

Tukutuku panels.

Field of Remembrance.

Fashion and Versailles.

Neat use of historical images on St Asaph Street.

Town bunny.

Ghost sign on Manchester Street (was the fish supply).

CROP Project : Flash intervention. I loved this work, it has evolved since the days it went up.


Bird nest.

Ronnie van Hout art at Christchurch Art Gallery.

We do this – a great exhibition that I keep going back to do.

Reflections on Manchester Street.


Stoked to see a new crop of Barnes Dance crossings opening on Manchester Street. I’m a fan.

Shelfie at Raw Sugar Cafe, Manchester Street.



Overflow in Mayfield is a bit of a legend.  I’ve heard tell of it over the years, but only visited for the first time this week. It is a cornucopia of second hand and vintage treasures. We were there for a couple of hours, and still barely touched the sides of exploring its treasures.

We left with: a 1978 British Vogue, a cherry red wool duffle coat, button, enamel plates and cups, a floral robe, a jaunty 40s hat, and buttons.

Have a look, and if you get the chance to visit – do it.  It’s utterly magical.  The Overflow cat is a cutie too.

2018 in pictures: April

Edgeware, of an evening.

The demolition/reconstruction on High Street revealed some interesting patterns.

Hereford Street.

Manchester Street bunny.

Bookarama at Bishopdale.

Record Store Day.


A leaflike friend who keeps visiting us.

New at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

Universo cafe.

Art Gallery.

Oxford Terrace, reopened.

The Chertsey Book Barn.


Primo and Secundo, Methven.

Cinema Paradiso, Methven.

2018 in pictures: March

Big Tuam Street sky.

More watching of High Street.

Ghost sign!

Penny Lane. 

Rauora Park.

Francis Spufford at The Piano.

Victoria Park reopens.

Convention Centre.

I say Captain, I say Wot.

Tūranga (new Central Library)

Lantern Festival, day and night.

Oi Manawa – The National Earthquake Memorial.

Bowker Fountain. 


Clip n Climb.


Habitat for Humanity.

Sydenham and City signs. 

Mollett Street Market.

The Crossing. 


Book Day.


New Brighton clock tower.

New Brighton.

Library Book Sale.

Easter Market at the Arts Centre.

Rainbow – Pride flag over CCC.

High Street.

Black and white coffee cartel, 169 High Street. National Library source image.