Freak Flag Fly: 2016 in pictures: March


  1. The Lockwood Flag goes into battle against the current flag
  2. Current flag protestors leaving Cathedral Square.
  3. Library book sale picks.
  4. Fairy party.
  5. Edgeware breakfast.
  6. Anis Mojgani performs for WORD Christchurch at the Christchurch Art Gallery.
  7. New Scorpio books opens in Hereford Street. Yay!
  8. The RDU exhibition at Canterbury Museum.
  9. Fear and Loathing in Peterborough Street.
  10.  Street art by Jacob Yikes, Tuam/Colombo Street.
  11.  Street art by Jacob Yikes, Tuam/Colombo Street. This fab work by Jacob Yikes appeared on Colombo Street, and was soon after painted over for a winning street art comp. V. glad I took photos when I did.

More photos from March 2016.