The year of many albums: 1979

CarsArcadiaIn 1979 – at a very tender age – I won 10 LPs in a competition run by The Truth newspaper. This has left me with a capsule of 1979-iana  and fostered my life-long love of music (and vinyl).

It included the following:

Blondie – Parallel Lines
This is an all-time stone-cold classic, from the iconic black and white cover to the musical gems like Heart of Glass and Picture this. And 11.59: “Leaning in your corner like a candidate for wax. Sidewalk social scientist don’t get no satisfaction from your cigarette.” Perfection.

The Cars – Candy-O
I have special love for the segue from Shoo-be-doo to Candy O.

The Little River Band – It’s a long way there – Greatest Hits
This album probably got the least lovin’ – sorry Aussie dudes.

Wings – Greatest
Pretty tasty stuff.

Cheap Trick – Dream Police
I think I just listened to the title track. The rest of it is a mystery to me.

IMG_2816Bad Girls – Donna Summer
Toot toot yeah beep beep.

Racey – Smash and Grab
The song “Kitty” is exactly the same as 80s Toni Basil classic “Mickey”.

Communique – Dire Straits
“Lady writer on the tv talking about the Virgin Mary”.

The soundtrack of Grease
Hammered this one. Of course I wanted to be Rizzo not Sandy.

Breakfast in America – Supertramp
“When I was young I thought that life was so wonderful”.

I also won a copy of Roxy Music’s Avalon off Radio Hokonui.

Like most music-lovin’ people in Christchurch, my music collection is a bit scattered and scrambled. When our place was demolished, we spotted this in the garage. Bye bye Belle and Sebastian.



Festivus: 2013 in pictures: December

Hillmorton Fair, including art exhibition
IMG_0901IMG_0866 IMG_0931 IMG_0917 Untitled

Luscious Christchurch sunset

Edgeware lady in a bath

Jesus on Colombo Street

Chris Heaphy’s Whare in Cathedral Square grows and blooms apace


The Tannery at Woolston

Demolition / rebuild
IMG_1071 Untitled

IMG_1215 Untitled IMG_1179

IMG_0961 IMG_0965 IMG_1055

Going East: 2013 in pictures: November

A change of office for me has meant a change of scenery.


Untitled IMG_0440 Untitled
I now head to work east – I’d call it Linwood but postcode finder calls it Woolston. My new walking route takes me close to the Avon River, whichever way I go. And in places – like here, down on Whitmore Street – it is beautiful. IMG_0202 IMG_0388

Stanmore Road

Here is the Richmond workingmens’ club being demolished.



Avonside Drive

IMG_0495 IMG_0416 IMG_0424 IMG_0435
Clearances are underway, and in some cases done.

IMG_0499 IMG_0439
Linwood Avenue

A phoenix and the Basilica?

IMG_0444 IMG_0447 IMG_0453


The city still draws me in. I like to check out what is happening. I was in town for a meeting on Friday 8 November and spotted that Lichfield Street had re-opened – that stretch between Colombo and Manchester Street.

The famous mannequins of Frontrunner.


The new Strange’s building takes shape.
Christchurch City Libraries has a page on the history of Strange’s.

And more views of town: Old Millers/CCC on Tuam Street.
IMG_0752 IMG_0308
IMG_0359 IMG_0364 Untitled IMG_0804
I find the wildflowers on the corner in Latimer Square so beautiful. Nature does it best.
IMG_0374 IMG_0376 IMG_0813
And the Whare in Cathedral Square by Chris Heaphy also uses flowers and plants to mitigate against greyness and demolition.

Armistice Day wreaths.
Untitled IMG_0783 IMG_0715 IMG_0726 IMG_0820 IMG_0823 IMG_0827 IMG_0860
Open Day at the historic Colombo Street bridge. SCIRT explained the repairs and did a great job involving the kids.
IMG_0773 Untitled IMG_0777

St Albans

Keeping it local – St Albans School Market Saturday 9 November.
IMG_0335 IMG_0341 Untitled IMG_0697Untitled

Abberley Park.
IMG_0648 IMG_0670 IMG_0683

Baby shower!

IMG_0605 IMG_0606

Other stuff

Kinder surprise Star Wars and New World miniature fun.