Super Street Arcade: 100 Days Project: Day 96

Photo taken 19 August 2017.


FreshChoice City Market: 100 Days Project: Day 93

Opened today in Lichfield Street – across the road from the Bus Interchange – Fresh Choice City Market. I’ve been watching this progress, so it’s very cool to see it opened.

Points of note from a quick pre-work visit:

  • It looks fantastic – shows off the stock beautifully
  • Yummy stands of Breads of Europe breads and danishes
  • Stocks my favourite wine Terrace Edge Liquid Geography
  • Has food from great suppliers like Simo, Theos, Jaime Les Marcarons. and Peter Timbs
  • Lovely salads in the deli
  • Nice big tables about the place
  • Looks like there will be foody events
  • Heritage photos showing Market Place and old supermarkets
  • Staff very friendly and excited

My little ponies: 100 Days Project: Day 91

Photo taken 19 August 2017.

Deadly Ponies is doing a My Little Pony collaboration. Here on the doors of the Contemporary Lounge of Ballanytnes is Twilight Sparkle and Shadow (who has a Deadly Ponies cutie mark).

Deadly Ponies is also doing some Phantom Billstickers ads – you can come along and peel off a Shadow and take her away! So far I’ve only found shadows of Shadow …